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What my clients say:


"Over the years that I have worked with Arnold and I have always known him to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to matters of Real Estate, the market, taxes or even social media tips. He has a wealth of knowledge, and is always willing to share his thoughts.

What separates Arnold from the rest of the pack is his genuine concern and care for the well being of his clients. He exhibits a rare combination of character, knowledge and ambition that is hard to come by these days. Without hesitation, I would recommend Arnold for his commitment to his profession, while demonstrating the highest of ethical standards when dealing with his clients and colleagues alike. "


"I recently had occasion to work with Arnold on a real estate file that was fraught with legal complexities. It involved a contested estate, a bankrupt beneficiary, an opposing trustee, a litigious tenant, no complete written lease, and potential environmental issues and heritage building constraints from the city regarding the development of the subject property. To our mutual client's benefit, Arnold recommended different and more appropriate legal counsel, negotiated a very favourable price above the commercially appraised value and managed to secure the continuity of all existing tenants. The transaction completed within very tight time constraints, avoiding further litigation and costs. In the end, it resulted in a win-win situation for all parties involved. Arnold's prior experience as a lawyer no doubt served his client very well in this very difficult set of circumstances."

Marvin Lithwick-Barrister & Solicitor


I was under a lot of stress dealing with an estate when I first contacted Arnold to sell a commercial property in Vancouver. Within a week after our initial discussion, Arnold arranged legal representation for me, a commercial appraisal as a backup to my actions as an Admininistrator and rapidly procured seven offers on a commercial estate property that could could have been problematic. The property was sold for $150,000 over the appraised amount, completed within two months and Arnold worked out a deal to ensure that none of the tenants would be displaced. In short, everybody was satisfied! Having Arnold's expertise and legal connections in my court diffused a very stressful and legally complicated situation and the result speaks for itself. I honestly do not think this transaction could have been handled more effectively and I highly recommend The Shuchat Group.



It's like getting three professionals in one person and the best part of it, is that the other party pays him! "There are things I would never have expected a Realtor to know and I was relieved that at least one of us had a handle on the complexities of our transaction. I derived a lot of comfort from Arnold's legal background as we were dealing with an opposing party that complicated things unnecessarily Arnold worked behind the scene to ensure that possible environmental complications would not affect our financing and he provided the necessary motivation for the other side to perform at the eleventh hour. I have done quite a few deals with Arnold acting as my agent and there are always unforeseen complications which get handled quickly by either Arnold or his team. He seems to deal with a terrific group of professionals all of whom made me feel assured that we were on the right track."

Truman Tran, Truescreen Graphics


"This is a tough Real Estate market and it is next to impossible to find industrial property never mind one with ample hydro-electric power. Arnold worked over a year and half for us, tirelessly bringing us properties and providing the required energy to move us forward. We are thankful we listened to him and purchased our own building. As a consequence, our company is saving about $7,000 per month from when we used to rent. We now pay about 35% of what we used to pay and at least 25% of our payment goes to reduce our mortgage! Arnold convinced us that we needed to restructure our operations in a more efficient manner from a space standpoint. We now use about 40 percent of what we used to and we are much more efficient. What a relief!"

Terry Yu, VP Finance; Tri-Gold Enterprises Ltd.


"I thought we would never be able to life!" get our hands on a two bedroom condo in this crazy market. Every unit we looked at had at least four other offers written on them, and the prices were just going up. One Sunday night I got a call from Arnold at 11:00 at night telling me to meet him for signatures on yet another offer which we signed giving him authority to fill in the numbers. By Monday at 2:00 pm it was all over and we were owners to be of the perfect two bedroom condo just where we wanted it. And, get this: Arnold secured it for us at a little under 10% below market price. To say we were ecstatic is an understatement. I immediately made more on this unit than my down payment! Our Realtor® for life!

Valeriy & Irina Arustamov


"We wanted to buy a home but we were concerned about the rising market. Did we do ok? How does almost 20% below market price with no moving expenses sound? Yes we bought a great house that WAS NOT FOR SALE at a fantastic price. Arnold was instrumental in drafting an offer that was formulated to be acceptable to the Seller along our terms with the least amount of stress."

Brian & Paula Segal


I called Arnold up before I left to go to China on business as I wanted him to lease my retail space in Kerrisdale. By the time I got back, not only was there an accepted offer, but the lease had been completed as the appropriate instructions had been given to my solicitor in my absence. All I had to do was to deposit the cheque. My wife and I were amazed at how complete and professional the service was. Needless to say, I think we saved on our legal services bill as well since most of the required changes were made by Arnold and submitted to our lawyer.

Xiao Ming Wu, President;Briver Ltd.


"For about a year, Arnold was trying to get my company to consider purchasing a property rather than continuing to lease. We were growing rapidly and he stressed to us that we needed to secure long term premises sufficient to sustain our growth and preserve our locational advantage. It worked. We secured new premises in a superior property and we have already leveraged the value of our original investment to almost a 400% return on investment in less than 9 months! All of my real estate work will be handled by Arnold. The level of comfort I derive from knowing that my interests come first and the level of protection I feel as a result of his experience and dedication cannot be otherwise purchased.

Irwin Lupovici, President; Bong Wear Company Ltd.


"As first time home-buyers in Greater Vancouver we found Arnold's advice extremely valuable. He spent hours with us, not only viewing a great number of houses, but taking the time and analyzing the potential profitability of each listing. We initially approached the market with a vague idea of what we were looking for. Arnold assisted us in defining the optimal type of house within our budget as well as what would be the best fit for our family's needs. Arnold has always put our best interest as his sole objective. In one case, when we were willing to pay close to the asking price for a house, he warned us that the market did not justify the asking price, by supplying detailed market statistics. When dealing with other Realtors®, he proved to be a very effective and passionate agent." The hours we spent with Arnold were very enjoyable. His intelligence, knowledge, patience and sense of humour are remarkable. We have no doubt that thanks to him we got the best deal on our new home."

Professor Y. Halevy, Anat Halevy