Welcome to the Marpole Scene page of our site.  Here you will find links to issues which affect or could affect life in the Marpole neighbourhood.

Marpole is currently in the midst of the Phase 3 Cambie Corridor Plan, and no doubt the City of Vancouver will be looking for areas for densification.  Below are some links to articles about the history of some of the changes and concerns of this important neighbourhood:

Marpole Boundaries 

Marpole Community Plan

Cambie Corridor Planning Program

Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Process

Marpole Residents Reject Street Plan: Article from CBC News.

The next looming matters will be the debate about densification for the benefit of utilizing the Canada Line vs. maintaining to as great an extent as possible, the way of life which has come to define Marpole.

 Check out the Marpole Planning Map below: