You know how sometimes you are up late at night and can't call your travel agent to find out how much a trip might cost? So you look online for various flight options, because "you don't want to bother him"....

Well, I know the same thing happens when people are thinking about making a move. You want the information so you can think things over on your own time before engaging a Realtor, just to see if it all makes sense.

Well now you can get a pretty good idea as to what your house is worth, in your pyjamas, late at night, without calling anyone! Just click on the link below and you will have a Comparative Market Analysis sent to your email box within minutes. It may not be as refined down to the last dollar as the system cannot determine the state of repair or renovation of your home, but it will at least give you a very good idea of what properties in your neighbourhood are listed for and have sold for in the last 6 months..

Click here to try this out: WHAT'S MY PROPERTY WORTH?

To get a more precise list of comparable properties, kindly complete the table below as accurately as possible. This will help eliminate properties geographically close to yours but which are not in any way similar, such as apartments and townhouses when you are looking for prices for single family homes.