Top 10 Trends for Chinese: Will it impact Richmond?

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | January 28th, 2016

Inasmuch as the source icons for sharing on Linkedin and FB were not functioning, I am posting a link here to an article on Juwai about the top 10 trends for Chinese Investors for 2016.

Despite all of the stock market shock about China, and the negative headlines that we have seen like "Chinese GDP Slowest in 25 Years", we have to remember that the current rate of 6.5% GDP forecast is still a relatively astounding rate of growth compared to western economies.  And, life is relative.

Coupled with this high rate of real growth is a maturing and increasingly more sophisticated and international-minded Chinese consumer and investor.  The rate of expansion of Chinese vision abroad will be far greater than the 6.5% GDP.  I don't believe that that wave has even begun to mature.  I think it is expanding in breadth.

With the low Canadian dollar and rapidly increasing Chinese tourism and investment market abroad, Canadians and especially British Columbians should act to cash in on what should be a lucrative market for tourism: adventure tours, eco tours, glaciers, Whistler, Fishing, Hiking and gastonomical adventures are all areas which if packaged properly can yield great fruit.

And what about our local real estate driven economy.  Can you find a single reason emanating out of the trends forecasted by this article which will impede growth here?

Check it out here: