The Forgotten Rooms in Staging and House for Sale Preparation

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | July 24th, 2016

Not everyone gets to be able to sell their home at the perfect time in life when all clutter is removed. Sometimes moves are made when families simply grow out of their current home.  Two of the forgotten areas of home staging are the back yard and the garage.  In my practice, I have noticed that for these two areas, it has become acceptable to simply leave them as a footnote: garages are jam packed with clutter from the rest of the house and back yards are simply unimpressive spaces accessible from the kitchen with little thought to exterior decor. But people need to "be" outside and incorporating the outside, especially the backyard into your living space will impart lasting benefits to your property.

During the summer months, if you have somehow managed to spiff up your exterior space, take the time to shoot some amazing photography to capture the fruits of your efforts.  Perhaps you might end up selling your home in the winter or the rainy season when leaves and water will be everywhere.  Wouldn't it be nice to fill your listing photos with shots from the amazing summer party you had?   The first thing that will happen is that the photography will garner traffic to your listing. If you are lucky enough to be selling during the time you have improved your back yard, your home will surely stand out from the other listings.  Maybe interior walls can be painted in one day for an open house, but exterior landscaping which contributes to a buyer's first impression in a big way, cannot usually be addressed in one day.  Privacy shrubs need time to grow and mature; flowers need to be in season. 

Below are a couple of photos I have retained of my own home for use one day when it will be listed as well as a couple of examples of "sexy" garage renos.  By taking control of these two spaces well in advance of your marketing the home, you will be presenting a far different property than most other sellers and the investment will both pay off during the time you own the property in terms of your enjoyment, but also at selling time when buyers feel the "sizzle" as they view your home.  Remember, emotions and feelings play a huge part in the decision making process and tackling these two areas will hit the buyers' needs for "well-being", "sanctuary" and "pride".  Imagine, the buyer showing their new home to their best friend.  What will make them say "wow"?

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