Strata Conflict Issues and Solutions

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | February 24th, 2016

The BC government has launched an amazing dispute resolution mechanism designed to abridge the time needed to resolve strata conflicts down to a target period of 60 days!  This whole system is in the beta testing stage and will allow people to launch complaints online, will take the matter out of the expensive court system and will put it into the hands of legally trained tribunal adjudicators.

Complainants and stratas will be able to assemble their evidence on line and rapidly proceed to converge on the likely response of an adjudicator so that disputes are more quickly resolved before too much in fees is expended.

You can check the whole thing out at:

I think the idea is amazing and the forecasted savings in legal and court costs is around $40 Million per year, from around $50 million down to $7 Million!