Selling a Vacant Property

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | May 4th, 2015

Have we all not seen those terrible listing photos of vacant property where all you can see are 2 walls and an empty corner with part of a window?  There are alot of empty condo units for sale on the market today and without generating foot traffic with gorgeous photos, it is doubtfull efforts will lead to a sale.
That is why I stage every vacant unit I list.  To make thing even easier, I stage them "virtually".  That is, the rooms are decorated for the purposes of the photos with virtual furniture that never has to be moved in.  The result? Beautiful pictures which attract crowds of people wanting to have a special place with that "look" and feel of a professionally decorated apartment.  Need art to dress up the walls? I've gone with a giant version of Michaelangelo's David right next to the dining room table for impact.  It works!  Check out this type of presentation at: and you can see the empty rooms followed by the furnished ones to see the difference.  

This unit just sold for about $25,000 more than similar and even larger units in the immediate area and generated 4 offers during the selling process.