Seller Delusion Index: SDI up slightly

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | March 23rd, 2013

Last month I started tracking vacancies to total active listings under the hypothessis that an owner of a vacant home who "doesn't haved to sell", still has to sell more than an owner of a non-vacant home. Well, in Richmond, this indicia of either helplessness or sheer non-chalance has kicked up slightly.  As of today: 24.3% of all active SFD property listings are vacant: the highest in the Lower Mainland.  Specifically, 228 out of 938 listings are vacant! They range in price from $450k to $4.88 Mill with the median price being: $1.498 Mill.  For instant automatic updates like these, follow me on Twitter at: /ashuchat

"Excuse me Mr. Listing Realtor, I must inform you that the attached offer is a multiple offer situation".  
"I don't understand, yours is the only offer on the table"
"Yes we know, but we have multiple offers out and we are only accepting the first one that accepts ours".....

As for attached properties: 354 out of 1260 units for sale or 28.1%. Those terrible strata rules that don't let the poor owner rent his place out!  What were they thinking leaving a homeowner's financial destiny in the hands of the infamous strata council!

Please folks, if you know anyone who wants a deal, escort them my way and they shall embark on a fun-filled journey!
And, if you know anyone who wants to own one of the few, concrete stratas (and currently the only 2+BR+2Bthrm strata in West Richmond that is rentable without restriction), it's my 404-9320 Parksville listing!
Happy shopping!  You no longer have to head south for a great deal!