Price Reductions: Condos and Townhouses for Sale in Richmond

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | October 31st, 2012

The following are some notable price reductions for condos and townhouses for sale in Richmond, since Oct 22, 2012:

#33-8080 Cambie Rd.-$90,000
#16-11711 Steveston Hwy-$27,880
#17-9308 Keefer Ave.-$30,000
#235-13020 No 2 Rd.-$33,000
9571 No 4 Rd.-$40,000 (Duplex)

There are about a half dozen more in excess of $20,000 and if you would like to receive the entire list, call us at 778-227-7325.  You can search for these listing right on my site by clicking on the "Properties" tab and then to "Adress Search" or by area if you know the area the property is in.