Greater Vancouver Real Estate Report: Single Family Homes

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | February 14th, 2017

Here are some graphed metrics to illustrate what is currently happening in the Vancouver Real Estate Market. These graphs are "live", meaning that you can scroll on them for a numerical reading.  They will also be updated regularly shortly after the beginning of each month.  Bookmark the page so that you can check back here.

You can see the historical seasonal patterns repeating themselves this year like every other. Listings of SFDs are no higher than they were a few years back. Sales, however, are tracking lower and it remains to be seen what the "voltage" is behind seller motivation going forward. Nobody seems to be giving away property as of yet.  

I would look for the "sell" orders of speculators which I figure constitutes about 20-25% of the market over the last few years.  It will likely be the "buy and holders" of recent that will be seeking to unwind from their high purchase positions in light of the market's uncertainty. Would not a cardiologist be happy with the "new listings" graph?  It is so regular!

There will be buying opportunities here.  The trick will be, well, knowing the tricks!