Great Property Investment Opportunity?

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | February 6th, 2014

I am reviewing a property investment in North Vancouver which has a very high likelihood of obtaining a substantial increase in density and hence value, in an amazing location.  It seems to have a strata with questionnable management where meetings are described IN THE MINUTES using words such a "disruptive, pandemonium, offensive" and where "calling the police" has been discussed as an option due to owners being at loggerheads with council members.  To be certain, there is much friction there and in addition, the bylaws preclude rentals, pets, residents under 55 and of course, waterbeds...(that could be a typo and mean waterbedding)!

Yet, I think there is a high probability of a large potential gain with an investment here over the next few years.  Want to learn how? Give me a call at 778-227-7325.  Looking at pricing in city centre of approximately $228/ft!