One Quarter of Britain's GDP or 1/2 Trillion British Pounds Disappear!

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | October 18th, 2017

Imagine that! 1/2 Trillion dollars, or about 25% of Britain's GDP has gone missing, up in smoke! Wow! Britain's Got Talent!!!! Can you hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner? That swoosh of foreign money that will start ramping up to steal prime London Real Estate on upcoming cheap British Pounds. When a vacuum cleaner of such force gets switched on, you can be darn sure, we will feel the currents and see the dust balls in or about our neighborhood. Will we need Wikileaks to figure out what really happened? But wait....!!! Do they owe us any money? They don't seem to have any foreign reserves of the kind of currency we might like to hold! What will that mean? A further devalued pound perhaps? Time to take that trip to the UK to pick up an old MGB, TR7 or perhaps a Bentley after the vacation? Believe me, this will be another Lehman Bros. This will not be swept away. 
Check it out yourselves!!!