When to De-Clutter?

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | March 3rd, 2016

Isn't it amazing how hard it is to throw out stuff we bought years ago, even though we haven't used it in just as long a time?  Now, just imagine how hard it would be to throw out a departed loved one's possessions while still grieving and perhaps having health issues!  That is the simple point I want to make today.

De-cluttering and getting rid of things is often difficult without health issues and grief.  Therefore, if you are in a loving relationship, you should make de-cluttering a "party" event!  Turn on the music, order in some tasty grub and allocate some fun "throw out" time together to at least feel a difference in one room.  And do this twice a week until you have gotten rid of all the stuff you haven't used in years.  You will surely appreciate the new-found space and you will feel those thoughts of an over-whelming task start to dissipate.  You will feel empowered and freer!

As I tell most of my senior clients, stop accumulating and start experiencing while you can still enjoy life.  Getting rid of possession will facilitate moving, will enhance the sale price of your home and will shrink your moving bill. Just imagine that every time you dispose of things that you don't need, you are probably saving around $1.00 per pound plus the cost of the box, the agony of lifting and shifting it again and that overwhelming feeling of being owned by your possessions.


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