4 Offers in a Multiple Offer Situation: Lowest initial one gets it! How?

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | March 22nd, 2016

I just sold a sweet 1 BR condo midtown which generated 4 offers in a very short time.   Our initial bid was the lowest one by a very substantial amount; substantial as in the value of a new car....  In the end, we still won!
How is that possible?  To understand that, you would have to remember the fable about the Sun and the Wind having a bet as to who could best make a man remove his coat.  The wind huffed and puffed, but the man held on tighter and tighter.  Then the Sun started to shine and the man removed his coat. And that's about as much of the secret as I will disclose here... except that the process involved bagels, the ones from my previous post; 6 of them is all it took!  My mother never taught me how to make bagels, but she did teach me how to take a chance and make "something from nothing" in the kitchen,  and she would be smiling ear to ear to know that my culinary adventure paid off in real estate matters. It was tough to let go of those babies, but there is plenty more where those came from!!!