Just Bought-4195 Tyson Pl

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | January 17th, 2013

One of the things nobody wants to talk about in the Real Estate business is the aspect of Dual Agency.  That is where a buyer and seller are represented by the same Realtor.  Would anybody dare ask Crown Counsel to represent them at the same time as they are being prosecuted for tax evasion by that same guy?!!

Part of the problem is that many people simply call the Realtor who appears on the sign and figure that he is going to represent them.  "Come in" said the spider to the fly...  As often as possible, I use a different approach in my signage.  When I buy a property for a client, I place my sign with a "BOUGHT" sticker on it instead of a "sold" one.  If every Realtor did that, the public might just catch on to the fact that each side is entitled to have someone protect their interests and that Buyers too have their own Realtors.  Doesn't this just make sense?

I am happy to report another "BUY"... this time a zero lot line property, sort of like a duplex having its own title.  It seems that there is an element of these non-first time buyers that have "had it" with stratas, rules and fees.  Just remember, that $300/mo that you pay to the strata is just about equal to the amount of money needed to service about $60k in mortgage money.