Aging Population and Downsizing

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | May 11th, 2015

I just uploaded a link to a recent Vancouver Sun article at the bottom of my page at:  It is worth a read.  The econoimic problems I envision for our province will only become exacerbated as the local population ages, retires and is not replaced by tax-paying resident workers. With real estate prices climbing and without sufficient equity to enter the housing market, young working people will emmigrate to probably colder but less expensive housing options.  Parents enjoying early reitrement as a result of a major housing price bonus will be faced with the option of either assisting their children to buy locally or, to move away with them in their older years to less mild weather in another province.

In the mean time, I am actively exploring retirement/recreational developments in the American south and will be posting some attractive recreational and investment alternatives to the usual "Palm Springs" area with far cheaper entry points. Keep watching!