9 Ways To Save Money When Buying or Selling a Home

  1. You are here on my site, so you obviously are interested in doing something with real estate or about financing it. Your first call to me puts you on the road to being able to determine exactly what you want, need, can afford, whether it exists and how to finance it.
  2. If you are considering selling, you will need to develop a smooth transition plan to get the most for your property and the right time to seamlessly move to your new place, residential or commercial. 
  3. If you are buying, do not call the Realtor® with the “For Sale” sign! He/she is legally obliged to work for the seller’s best interest, NOT yours. Doing so could cost you money; a lot of it.
  4. How can you possibly determine what your property is worth? Can you afford to rely on street gossip to determine the price of your property? How will you find out? Do you have access to the latest market information? Are you trained to normalize market statistics so that you can compare prices of different properties sold at different times? Compare current sales with current prices, not historical sales with current prices.
  5. Do not draft your own contracts and addenda! Are you familiar with contract law? Can you draft contracts which will be both certain and legally binding in a court of law and which will protect your interest effectively? 
  6. Have you got access to a team of Realtors® and Lawyers at your fingertips if you run into a problem or if you need advice due to a difficult party on the other side of your transaction?
  7. Have you locked in an interest rate prior to starting to shop for a property? How do you know it is the best rate? What are the penalty clauses should you wish to payout early? Prepayment rights? Portability to a new property? Have you got instant internet access to some 17 nationally recognized lenders with real time interest rates and policy changes? How do you know your information is up to date?
  8. I can likely get you an even better interest rate than what is otherwise available to you, just by adjusting your completion date. I can show you how to save between 5-10 basis points that you will not likely be able to take advantage of elsewhere.
  9. Do you know how to structure your house mortgage to make a portion of the interest payments tax deductible? Doing so can reduce the time required to pay off the mortgage substantially! Why wouldn’t you want to hear more?

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