West Richmond Houses for Sale by sub-area

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | July 26th, 2012

Terra Nova-40
 South Steveston-29
 Steveston Village-18
 Boyd Park-24
Number of Houses for sale in West Richmond compared to last week:

Terra Nova-41- 1 unit more than last week
Lackner-52- down 3 units from last week
Quilchena-58-up 2 units from last week
Woodwards-72-up 2 units fromlast week
Westwind-23- up 4 units from last week
South Steveston-29- no change from last week
Steveston Village-19- one unit more than a week ago
Boyd Park-24-same as last week
Riverdale-75- 3 more than last week

This market snapshot indicates that in each of the above areas for the most part, inventory has either been stable or increasing.  Prices are beginning to come down, which is good news for buyers.  There have been some amazing deals in the last week as sellers come to the realization that the party might be over.  I have seen price reductions of $200,000 on a few properties in order to close deals.  This is greaet news for buyers!