How to find property in a School Catchment Area

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | November 26th, 2012

There is a hard way, and there is an easy way to find property in the school catchment area that you want.
The hard way, is to check every single listing that comes out every single day and to check the catchment for that listing each time to make sure that the property is in the area you want.

There are a host of simpler ways.  But the easiest is to call me to arrange for a custom property search.  This can be done by framing an area geographically using special software.  The criteria can be by street, by walking distance from the school, by yard or view exposure relative to the compass.  Once we have that configured, other criteria can be added automatically  so that for the most part, you only get listings that meet your needs or search criteria.  These listings will be sent automatically as soon as they are up on the Real Estate Board's MLS system.  The way most people try to do this on their own, the listings only show up about 48 hours later and the search criteria available for use are not as functional as what I have available as a professional Realtor.  Furthermore they have to check for new listings every day to make sure that they don't miss one.  this is quite tedious because the on-line system does not provide an updated listing feed to an email address like my system does.