#1208-1325 Rolston St. For Sale

Blog by Arnold Shuchat | April 7th, 2014

It is so cool to be living downtown in a new high-rise condo building and to be able to walk out on your own balcony to keep an eye on the arrival of your guests down below.  What's better? That the new Rolston building by Rize Alliance is situated on its own named street, 1325 Rolston and, this little street which is between Seymour and Granville is quaint enough that although you are in the middle of all of the action, your guests can actually pull over their car and wait for you down below, almost like pulling into the Hyatt in downtown Seattle!  

How often have you gone downtown to visit someone and had to worry about where to even stop!  And what if it is between 3-6 pm during a week!  It is next to impossible!  

After a tumultuous December with a whole bunch of completions and move-ins, The Rolston is now like being in a different world.  The place is calm, hip and upbeat with a sense of exclusivity just like that of staying at a fine hotel.... and the scenery?.... How it must be nice to be 25-35.....   I think that the 2 decks on the 16th and top floors are going to be one amazing place to hang out and meet people in the summer.  Just wait until the fireworks.....